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Toyota Service Plan



Toyota Service Plan  - Service Plan


With toyota service plan you can get a Motor Plan Extender today that will help you with your Service costs tomorrow.

We have been in this business long enough to know that regularly servicing your car will prolong the life of your car.

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What is Great about this Toyota Service Plan?

  • You can choose to pay an affordable monthly payment
  • Your monthly payments remain FIXED
  • We cover ALL Car Brands 
  • You get to budget to regularly service your car.
  • No matter how old your car is we have a plan for it

Toyota Service Plan


What parts are covered with toyota service plan?

  • Spark Plugs
  • Engine Oil
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Pollen Filter
  • Sump Plug
  • Diesel Filter
  • Petrol Filter
  • Brake Fluid
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Consumables
  • Engine Cleaner
  • Labour costs
  • Cam Belt (optional)


An overwhelming majority of people don’t know whether to buy a maintenance plan or service plan. That’s not unexpected given that many of the service providers of these two non-insurance products couple them into one product, which can be to your benefit or maybe not. The Toyota Service Plans or service plan for example, leaves folks not knowing exactly which one will best suit their needs. These are the main characteristics of each of the products, and what you need to look out for to align them with what you need from either motor plan.


Once you have enjoyed benefits of having a motor service plan then you would not want to leave that space, however a motor vehicle manufactures warranty do expire but if your car is still less than 10 year you can still enjoy the benefit by toyota service plan. Thus you can extend your motor vehicle service plan with us that cover the cost of mechanical breakdowns and for services that needs things like oil, oil filters, are filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, brake fluid, all your consumables and sundry changes, long life coolant and car wash. Once you have extended your service plan with us you will also have a free roadside assistance 24/7 which includes Breakdown assistance, Towing recovery, Jump-starts in the event of a faulty battery, Assistance with the removal of a flat tyre, Assistance if you run out of fuel, Assistance if you lock your keys inside your vehicle, Assistance for breakdown out-of-town, which will include the following accommodation if the vehicle breaks down more than 100km from home , Towing and recovery service. Get your service plan with us and save yourself from car services expenses by paying little by little every month, contact us and our consultants will give you all additional information you need.